Here comes the sponsored Periscope streams

Here comes the sponsored Periscope streams

Sunday was the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and for some the summer had arrived. Sadly in the UK Summer has done a disappearing act. To celebrate the first day of Summer, Nestle via its Drumstick Periscope account announced that they would be paying a load of Periscope users to live stream their shows and talking and/or showing the ice cream. The live streams would add the #ad hashtag for full disclosure.

I watched Keaton- AKA @keat on Periscope on a beach eating and slurping his way through one of their cones. It became obvious to me that for brands, businesses both big and small this is a massive opportunity for them. Periscope is visual on steroids. We love visual, you only have to look at how Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter with its images have taken off massively. A picture paints a 1000 words. How many does a live stream paint?

It was interesting how Keaton – aka @keat on Periscope was wearing another brands t-shirt. I wonder if he was being paid to endorse that? Yes, there are issues with live streaming on Periscope. It is live, unscripted, and anything can happen and for many large brands that already has them trembling at the knees, and having heart palpitations.

But for smaller businesses, or for those brands that are a tad more risk averse perhaps, the opportunities to gain a global worldwide audience through Periscope are undeniable. The fact that Periscope is integrated through Twitter offers any business a huge marketing opportunity.

I am sure that we will be seeing more and more businesses working with users on Periscope to market their products. All done in a non selling type way, and made to look as though it is not even an advert. Perhaps the industry to be in is the branded mugs, hats & t-shirts game. I am sure we will see more and more people at home, in the garden walking the streets of their towns and cities wearing branded clothing, or clothing with logos of companies that have reached out to them to work with them.