Why should I bother to get Periscope?

Why should I bother to get Periscope?

Hands up who can remember Twitter when it first arrived on the scene 9 years ago? I joined 2 years after it launched. The fail whale would appear on a regular basis, no search, no mobile Apps of their own, could not upload pictures direct to them and the whole place creaked at the seams with regular outages and functionality being turned off to conserve bandwidth…

Who remembers at that time saying, Twitter was a fad, wont be here for long? cant see my business using it, needing it or wanting it?

Now look at things. If a business is not using Twitter you would question why, they are a multi Billion dollar company, hundreds of millions of users, and not a fail whale in sight.

I wish that I would have got onto Twitter 10 mins after it started, and I bet many of you have said the same. That is the opportunity with Periscope.. Done make the same mistake…

Periscope is owned by Twitter. Its been around for just over 1 month. It lacks a lot of features that would make it truly awesome, there is currently no Android version, but that should in no way stop you from getting it, using it and starting to grow an audience.

The key reason to get Periscope is that it is fully integrated into Twitter. When you start a show, with some thought you can target popular hashtags and those hashtags that are trending, thus bringing to your kitchen, lounge, or wherever you are a potential global audience.

Now is the time to get on Periscope, start broadcasting, develop a niche, plan your shows, and start to build a global worldwide audience for you products and services.