Here is your 20 mins per day Twitter Workout

So here is the 2o min per day Twitter Workout to help you become more effective with your time on Twitter.

Most people tell me that part of the reason they don’t want to get involved with Twitter, is that it takes too long, and that they have far more important things to do. Well, as I tell all my clients whatever time you have available, is the time you have available.. The key is to be as effective and productive with that time as you can.

So here is my 20 min per day Twitter workout. Will it make you lose weight, no, will it make you adorable to women, no, will it get you thousands of new followers in minutes, no, will it get you tons of new sales in seconds, probably not.

But stick with this 20 min Twitter workout each and every day and see how you have got on after 1 month. Measure the increase in website traffic, ( I hope you are measuring traffic from Twitter ) or newsletter sign ups, or actual sales, and whatever other metrics that are really important to you.

The 20 Minute per day Twitter Workout

1. Send out 3 social chit chat messages as you go about your day & ask others about theirs
2. Share 3 things that you have found that you want to share with others
3. Retweet 3 messages from others, that you wanted to share with others
4. Send out 2 messages that demonstrate your expertise or knowledge
5. Spend time replying to anyone that messages you
6. Spend time answering any questions around your area of expertise
7. Spend some time recommending other peeps to follow
8. Answer any direct messages that are not spam
9. Invite a daily question on your area of expertise or knowledge
10. Find several new targeted peeps to follow & engage with each day based on your criteria
11. Spend time in the Search, listen & then engage when you can add value

OK, so there is my 20 minute Twitter workout. Try it and see if it makes a difference to your business. I would love to hear how you got on after a month of doing it or so. Oh and please don’t automate any of the above to save time, remember Twitter is all about the personal touch.


  1. says

    Hi Mark, Have just joined twitter, have a small business (website under construction) and a baby. love the above tips will endeavour to apply your recommendations, Thanks

  2. Nicky says

    Great advice Mark. What is particularly interesting is that you dont even say to how many tweets to do as self promotion ie tweeting your blog post, or your latest promotion. I believe this should be a very low percentage of your overall tweets, since, like in a real conversation, you wouldnt be a one-track record.

    Wouldnt it be great if everyone followed these, or similar guidelines!

  3. says

    Thanks for this, found it via Steve Baisden, great idea! I do wander wrounf twitter aimlessly most days so this is a great list of “things to do” on a daily basis.
    Jodie x

  4. says

    That was very useful. I’ve just started a website with a view to selling online and although everyone says how one should use Twitter to drive interested folk to the site, up until now I’ve found no specific information as to how to go about it. This fits the bill perfectly and makes obvious sense, now I think about it. Thank you very much for posting.

  5. says

    Hi Mark,

    I have to say that is the most useful piece of Twitter information I’ve ever found online. An Idiots guide to what to do in just a few lines. Perfect!



  6. says

    Great advice Mark. I like how you talk about effectiveness rather than efficiency – doing the right things that bear fruit rather than going for volume of followers/tweets, which I guess is where the automation comes from.