Being Self Employed, Starting your own business is not for everyone

Being Self Employed, Starting your own business is not for everyone

Since 2006/2007 it is fair to say that I always wanted to be my own boss, run my own business, start an amazing business. It is also fair to say that although I have earnt some money doing these things, they have all pretty much been a financial disaster. After a strong sales career in estate agency winning many sales awards along the way, the market fell out of that business, I eventually found myself in medical sales.

After many years in medical sales again winning sales awards, I decided to leave when frankly the NHS ran out of money for buying medical products. I then found myself as a mortgage broker. Did my time learning the ropes in industry and then setting out for myself. I loved the work, all my clients got their mortgages but looking back I always found gaining new clients difficult. Then the mortgage broking industry collapsed in March 2008 when all those people were queueing outside the Northern Rock building society.

I then got going with Twitter in April 2008 and have been trying to make a good living from it ever since. But the warning signs for me were there. Gaining new clients, marketing myself were skills that I was not great at. In fact other than happy clients referring me and the use of Twitter to demonstrate my expertise and knowledge I did no other marketing activities.

Each year since 2006 I have tried new ideas, developed new things that I thought could be successful, all to see them all go to nothing. I am not blaming anyone other than myself. I am not strong at identifying money making opportunities and then executing those ideas. I relied too much on gut feel, how I felt about an idea, too much emotion rather than a strong and hard financial look at the idea and then considering it on that basis.

Its funny. When I look back at various jobs that I have had there were some similar characteristics about those jobs that lead me to be successful. I used to say many times.. Put sensible people in front of me and I will seal the deal. I Demonstrated this many times as an Estate Agent, mortgage broker and in medical sales. In fact my greatest sales triumph in medical sales, was when I was with a company where I was responsible for winning a huge new hospitals business. I then got head hunted by the losing company and within 3-6 months had won the business all back.

I also learnt in my medical sales career that one of the ways to sell more stuff was to train more people…I enjoyed having a packed room full of people who I regularly trained. But the best bit was that afterwards, they bought more of my products. I am a very good trainer with a good ability to communicate tricky things and ideas in a simple way so that people could just get it.

My key strengths are dealing with people, training, public speaking, keeping the deal alive and being a top negotiator. I used to say nothing ever went down on my watch. I recognised how hard it was to get sales and so all bar an end of earth asteroid hitting us would do everything in my powers to keep that sale on track. This was no more evident than when I was selling houses. I kept some sales alive with the most imaginative of thinking.

I am rubbish at being behind a desk, cold calling, not treating customers with respect and doing my best by them, finding new business, starting a new business that will make money and being my own boss. In general being self employed really is not for me. It has taken me years to come to that realisation as I kept on trying new ideas, new business ventures, always believing that ‘this was the one’.

If your out there reading this and think that you might have an opportunity for a 47 year old who has been round the block a bit then please get in touch. I do have skills, have tons of different experiences and am simply looking for something where I can add value.