Twitter Hall of Shame: Virgin Money

Update.. Update… Update… Update…26th March 2012

Since I wrote this piece on @virginmoney they have seriously got their twitter customer service act together. Via engagementIndex we have been monitoring them along with a whole stack of other UK Banks. Currently they are in 2nd spot to First Direct Bank. You can see how Virgin Money and all the other banks are doing here We update these scores on a regular basis, so it will be interesting to see if they can grab 1st spot from First Direct…

I was alerted to the Virgin Money Twitter account aka by Mary Waring aka The Virgin Money Twitter account was opened on 2nd March 2009 and this folks is it….[screenshot taken 7th Feb 2011]

They have not Tweeted once thats right not once but have still have got 1100 followers. It looks official and has the UK version of the Virgin Money website link. Now before Virgin Money contact me and simply give the usual we were busy sorting out our Twitter strategy and resources etc… Firstly I would respond by saying that it really does not take almost 2 years to sort that out and secondly simply make the account a protected Twitter account. Then you protect the name and can write in the Bio that you will be turning up with a sound Twitter strategy very shortly. This gives the impression that you are around and have not abandoned the account.

What Virgin Money and many others have done is turn up on Twitter and then have no strategy, no resource and no discussion as to how they will utilise Twitter. But worse than that they have then simply forgotten and abandoned their account all whilst people are busy talking about them. Why are they not responding? Why have they vanished from Twitter?

Again this is a marketing tragedy. People are talking about them every day on Twitter and people are talking about other financial matters that Virgin Money could and should be responding to, helping, advising, supporting and guiding people. This may well help them to create brand advocates as they are seen to be really helpful and perhaps different from so many other financial compnaies.

I would love to hear from someone at Virgin Money to explain what has happened here….

Twitter hall of Shame: Pizza Hut UK

Here is my latest entry in my personal Twitter Hall of Shame its Pizza Hut UK aka I am very specific here. There is a pizza Hut aka but that clearly links to the American Pizza Hut website. I actually contacted the Amercian version of their Twitter account twice over the last few days asking them if they also looked after UK issues and enquiries and sadly got no response. [screen shot taken 7th Feb 2011]

So here is the Pizza Hut Uk Twitter account. They joined Twitter on 8th Feb 2010 and have made the huge contribution of 1 Tweet. How sad is that? They have accumulated 379 followers who must be mightily dissapointed to have only received 1 message in a whole year.

So what has happened here? Surely the impression is that Pizza Hut Uk has simply abandoned this account. This to me is unbelievable. Their customers and possible customers are talking about Pizza Hut every single day yet no one from the UK arm of their company is dealing with these issues. This is a massive waste of a marketing opportunity. Twitter is brilliant at listening to customer issues and then being able to deal with them. Done well, this can often lead to creating brand advocates.

I would love to hear from someone at Pizza Hut in the UK to explain what has happened here. Surely it cant be a lack of resources? So lets wait and see what they have to say.

Twitter hall of Shame: Ford Insure

I would like to thank Mike Parker aka @mikeatzanity who drew my attention to the Twitter account from Ford Insure aka @FordInsure. Ford Insure opened their Twitter account on 28th July 2010. And this is it…….[screen shot taken 25th Jan 2011 ]


One of the things that I talk about to clients all the time is.. If you are going to do Twitter then you need to be committed. You would not open your shop without having a sign above the door, stock  in the window and the lights on. Ford Insure have been on Twitter for approx 6 months and have not even managed a photo. They have accumulated 7 followers and have not Tweeted once. Sorry guys but this is a severe lack of commitment.

The Bio reads…Hi, this is the official Twitter feed of Ford Insurance – motor insurance created exclusively for Ford owners, underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance – again very boring and predictable. Nothing personal, no details of who is tweeting, and no information on what the account is really about.

To me this reads as a hastily thrown up Twitter account with no thought or resource as to what they are going to do with it. My advice to Ford Insure would be to make their account private until they decide what they are going to do with it. At present it just looks like they have turned up and then forgot all about it or abandoned it.

I have no idea how many people have a Ford Motor car here in the UK, but I would expect it to be a huge figure. So why are they not listening and engaging with their cutomers? Why are they not answering questions,  doing research and being available to deal with Ford Motor Insurance issues?

Perhaps someone from Ford Insure can comment in the box below on what has happened to their Twitter Account.