Twitter Hall of Shame – Schillings Solicitors

This week has been a very unusual one for me and Twitter. In my personal Twitter Hall of shame this week goes Schillings Solicitors. I have just read this post from the Evening standard – I am adding them to my hall of shame because they dont seem to have a Twitter account and I can only summise that they really dont have a clue as to the power of Twitter and perhaps social media in general.

If they had utilised Twitter, had taken the time to really learn not only for themselves how to use this incredibly powerful tool but for their clients sake as well, many of their errors in the Ryan Giggs case in my opinion would not have been made. I am clearly not a trained lawyer and so know very little of the law, but I do know about Twitter and I would suggest to Schillings and all other UK law firms that Twitter is a game changer for these so called ‘Super Injunctions’

It is impractical to have a ‘two tier information system’ whereby UK media are banned from mentioning celebrities but everyone on Twitter is clearly talking about them.Twitter is a global tool that allows people to have a voice all over the world. Twitter acts as an amazing breaking news resource as well as offering businesses an amazing marketing tool.

I would therefore encourage all solicitors in ther UK to take the time to really get to understand what Twitter is all about, how to harness it, and how to make sure you do not fall foul of its 300million Twitter users.


  1. says

    Whilst I agree with you Mark, the Law is about control which is why they don’t really want to acknowledge Twitter because they think it means losing control – which it does if you don’t use it well. Use it well and you are in MORE control than you would ever be with any kind of injunction. Perhaps if law firms were able to charge £500 an hour for sending a couple of Tweets they’d start to appreciate it…?!! Or am I being too cynical about the legal profession? All will change later this year anyway when the law gets opened up to outside competition – they are in for a real shock when the likes of Tesco gets into selling legal services.

    • Anonymous says

      The way I see it is lawyers don’t want to move with the times, they will get tons of money from the fees they charge celebs for fruitless privacy lawsuits, they perfectly well know within hours of them being granted will be broken.

      I say if you value your reputation/career don’t have extra marital affairs, be honest with your partner and tell them the relationship isn’t working.