Small businesses helping small businesses..

Small businesses helping small businesses..Part 1 of a series of articles to help small businesses.

One of the biggest barriers to growth for a small business is a lack of resource’s, whether this relates to internal processes & procedures, expert advice or sector expertise, administrative support, labour, IT resources are always a problem for the small business owner (SBO).

When I was doing the rounds on the networking circuit which is full of SBOs and trying to convince them of the potential of Twitter for business I noted how many SBOs wanted just to meet corporates. They wanted to meet them for different reasons but the two most prominent ones were they thought corporate meant ‘profit’ when in reality the corporate client is often labour intensive thus costly. Secondly, many assumed the corporate could offer advice, leads and open doors but of course this was rarely the case.

What many SBOs did not recognise was the wealth of resource on offer from other SBOs and the ‘power’ within their grasp!   They often turn to other SBOs for referral & introduction, for advocacy of their product or services but rarely did they turn to each other to share their resources.

Small business owners empowering small business is the key to growth for them, they can empower each other by utilizing their comparable understanding of the hardships & needs of a small business. Who is better positioned, the corporate or the SBO to understand the hardships, needs and obstacles to growth for a new business or small business?

Business today operates in a knowledge economy and the old traditions of maintaining moats to keep out competitors and your secrets safe is ‘old hat’ and let’s face it, unless you are Coca Cola what secrets do you have to keep? The traditional stance of the ‘stiff upper lip’ & stand alone is nonsense and short sighted especially in the contemporary business environment.

The new business strategy should be about building bridges and sharing resources to enable growth, this is inclusive of IT resource & Labour, thus building a super human team to add value to your offering, sharing markets & client base where the offering varies but both still fulfil a need & demand is key. Small business can empower small business and be the stepping stone for growth on both sides, the sharing of resources is mutually beneficial.

There is so much power between the SBOs especially today when there are platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin where the viral message is not only powerful and able to reach a huge audience but more often than not, communicated & participated by the SBO!

Stop putting your time & energy behind the already successful corporate with your viral messages and start conversations on Twitter about your fellow small business owner, he who really needs your help and whom will offer you the same in return!