The Day I decided to move from Blackberry..

The Day I decided to move from Blackberry..

I have been a very loyal Blackberry customer. I have had a Blackberry phone for approx 3-4 years. I am 46 years old. I am not interested in Blackberry Messenger and most of the other features on the phone. I have 3 email accounts that come through and I do my Twitter stuff from my phone. I don’t take a lot of photos and don’t listen to music. The main reason I got the Blackberry was that at that stage iPhone was fairly new and I had never had any Apple products and the Android phones were just coming out and I am not interested in getting the latest new thing on the block.

It is fair to say that I have been reasonably happy with my Blackberry. It has been reliable. But over the last 18 months,  I have got more and more irritated by the lack of Apps. I understand why Blackberry has not adopted the App community in a great way. They have made it very very difficult for Apps to be built on their platform. The result is that all the cool stuff never arrives on Blackberry. It always goes iPhone then Android and then if the developer is quiet for a few weeks and has nothing else to do might consider a Blackberry App.

We have moved in a world where everything is Apps now and to be honest although I am not the sort of person that would download thousands of Apps, I am very frustrated that I don’t even get the choice. So I have been looking for reasons when I am due an upgrade which I think is soon to stay with Blackberry. What are they going to say or do that would convince me to stick around?

Well I got the answer today and it was total 100% nonsense and bullshit. Here are 2 interviews done with senior management at Blackberry re the launch of Blackberry 10. Listen to Interview 1 and Watch Interview 2 I have never heard such awful interviews. The people from Blackberry had obviously been briefed on what to say & even answered a total load of bullshit to different questions.

Blackberry management seem to keep telling me that I am a fan of the Blackberry experience. I have no idea what that is. They also love words and phrases like..transition, unique proposition, bridge of a new transformation. These are all  bullshit phrases that mean absolutely nothing to me. When will big businesses like Blackberry stop using features and benefits to sell things.. That is so last century.

As Simon Sinek has said many times. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. I am not interested in features and benefits. I want to know about Blackberry. What is their passion? why do they make phones? what makes them get up in the morning? what’s their vision for their brand? What do they believe? That is the message they need to get across to people like me.

If they get across to people what they believe,  they will then find people that believe what they believe and will then buy any of their products and more importantly be there greatest advocates. That is how you get people queueing for days outside for your products when a few days later after the launch you can just go in and get one.

Blackberry did nothing but irritate me. No vision, no beliefs, no answering why….Instead babbling on about transformation and the features of the phone.. I feel let down by them. I wanted them to do well but in my view give it 6 months and they will be history. It is people like me they need to encourage to upgrade and get their phones and frankly all they did was encourage me to iPhone or Android.

Love to hear your comments in the box below..