Twitter Hall of Shame: Pringles

My latest entry into my personal Twitter hall of shame is Pringles aka Pringles joined Twitter on 8th March 2010 and in that time have done exactly 4 Twitter messages. Yes.. thats 4 messages…In that time they have got 1041 followers.

So what on earth has happened here? Surely they have totally abandoned their Twitter account, but why? Firstly they have 1041 followers who are expecting to hear news, updates, and engage with their brand. Many if not most of these followers will be customers of Pringle, so what does it say to them about their brand?

Then every single day people are talking about Pringles, why they should eat them, issues, concerns, questions, and so on. Why are Pringles not joining in on that conversation? Only today I was busy chatting away with people about ‘ things once opened you cannot put down’ several people messaged me back suggesting Pringles. It would have been great to have heard from Pringles in this chat.

It would be great to hear from someone at Pringles on what has happened here and why they have seemingly abandoned their Twitter account.


  1. Deborah Mason says

    Amazing ….. but they are not the only ones – I suspect they pay huge salaries to their marketing team and wonder what value for money they are actually getting. Twitter is here to stay and those who have not embraced it need to and quickly.

  2. says

    Excellent! Typical of a brand saying “We must be on Twitter, we must be on Twitter! Everybody’s on Twitter” “Oh, OK Boss” “Great! We’re on Twitter” “Phew! Didn’t want to miss out.” “Moving on”
    Since your article they have managed to acquire a few more followers!
    So, it’s not even about cheese sandwiches for Pringles!