Twitter Hall of Shame: Twinings Tea

My latest entry into my personal Twitter Hall of Shame goes to Twinings Tea aka I saw this tweet from Ant Hodges aka

Now this is a great message from Ant and it is directing loads of people to the Twinings website to get their tea. But I was interested in how their Twitter account was doing. Would Ant hear from someone at Twinings on Twitter and say Hi, start a conversation, ask him which flavours he chose and so on. After all he has decided to download their products, surely they would be listening out for people and then responding…. Surely? [screenshot taken 5.05pm on 24th Feb 2011]

Twinings UK joined Twitter on 28th Jan 2010, that is just over 1 year ago and in that time have not even tweeted once. So I think it is fair to say that Ant wont be hearing from Twinings any time soon. What a great tragedy that is. Twinings wake up, people are talking about you, are going to your website and getting free tea, but you are ignoring them all? Why are you doing that? If you work for Twinings, please let me know why you are ignoring peple talking and advocating for you.

Now that I have finished this post, its time for a nice cuppa…….


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    Sadly, Twinings is not alone in the missed opportunities. My observation is that many companies focus on getting a project started, such as joining Twitter, but do nothing about maintaining and growing their efforts. Oh well, all the more opportunities for those of us who do follow through! Thanks for this post, Mark.