Twitter hall of Shame: United Biscuits

My next Corporate that I wanted to highlight in my Twitter hall of shame was United Biscuits aka I was alerted to them via Gary Dickenson On their bio they have put the following:- Manufacturer of biscuits, savoury snacks and crisps including McVitie’s, Penguin, go ahead!, Jacob’s, Twiglets, Hula Hoops, Mini Cheddars, McCoy’s, and KP.

United Biscuits joined Twitter on 3rd July 2009. In that time they have managed to send out 63 tweets and acquire 205 followers. This account to me highlights a total lack of any strategy for utilising Twitter. They are not using the account in any particular fashion. Look at the brands that this account looks after. I personally am always talking about Hula Hoops, and I would suggest that millions of others are as well. I can remember that a while ago I actually asked people about Twiglets. Why did they not take part in that conversation? Surely they are searching for people talking about their products?

I always say to clients that if your Twitter bio looks like the mission statement from your website, something has gone wrong. Something has gone wrong here. I would want the bio to tell me more about what the Twitter account is all about.

We are their loyal customers. It would be great to actually hear from them when we talk about them in a praising way or because we have had issues. One of the real benefits of Twitter is that it allows brands to hang out where there customers are and then listen and engage if appropriate. Clearly with this account they are totally missing the point of Twitter.

I would love to hear from someone at United Biscuits to hear exactly what their Twitter strategy is. I would also value your comments in the box below.


  1. says

    A quick search using tweetdeck and Twitter is going mad for Twiglets thanks to Cheryl Cole! With such polarity in the comments as being either “I love twiglets” or “I hate twiglets” surely they are missing a massive engagement opportunity. I am interested to know Mark – if they engaged you would you set up twitter accounts on bahlaf of each of the products??

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks for the comments.. for sure I would… however the twitter username @twiglets has already gone..