Why should a business follow its customers on Twitter?

Why should a business follow its customers on Twitter?

Most businesses really don’t get the main benefits of using Twitter. They are too busy broadcasting and automating to notice where the real action is taking place. Too many businesses want to be able to say’ we are doing Twitter’ without really knowing what that means or having any strategy on how to deliver anything meaningful to their business.

If you go back 10 years, when someone bought something from you or used your service, all you got to know about them was their credit card details, maybe an address, perhaps an email address and that was it. Now move on 10 years and we are into the most amazing times with the introduction of social media.. It has opened up so many new doors, yet most are totally ignoring them.

Someone now buys from you, uses your service, eats at your restaurant,  did you ask them if they are on Twitter? Most don’t bother. In the 5 years I have been on Twitter I could probably count on 1 hand the number of times I have been asked If I was on Twitter. I have completed many online forms for things,  and cant remember ever being asked for my Twitter username.

Why is  it gold dust to have my Twitter username?

Because it allows you an insight into your customers world. It allows you to see what their passions are, what their interests are, what makes them tick. People share all sorts of hugely valuable information on Twitter. Information that is worth a lot to you. By following them, you will perhaps see when they are celebrating things, when bad things have happened, when their football team is doing well or badly, and so much more. This then gives you an opportunity to chat to them about things that interest them.

It also gives you an opportunity to congratulate them on good things, say sorry to hear on bad things and so on. When did you last receive a card or a message from a supplier or a present for your custom based on what you like, and not the traditional chocolates or wine that most send?

Twitter gives you a valuable insight into your customers. Where people often go wrong is that they see something and then bam go for the kill with the sales message. I am not suggesting that. I am suggesting that you utilise Twitter to learn more about your customers, and then armed with that information build closer relationships with your customers. Become different, become memorable, and create and army of advocates who happily tell others about you… That’s what you are after……