About Mark Shaw

Hi…I’m Mark Shaw and thanks for visiting my site.  I have been an award winning salesmen in both Estate Agency and Medical sales. I am a huge fan of Networking having had my own networking business. I was a successful mortgage broker until the financial collapse in 2008. I went from invisible to being highly visible & one of the UK’s leading authorities on Twitter with zero budget. For 10+ Years I was Trusted by the BBC, Sky News, journalists & businesses. I have done well over 200+ radio & TV interviews.

I have spoken in front of thousands as a professional speaker and advised, trained & consulted with hundreds of businesses on how to be effective with Social media. I have managed to write a book. I was the Butlins holiday camp 40yd dash champion aged 5 and a bit. I also love: Lattes, networking, travel, stodgy deserts & going for walks. You can get hold me of via my contact page on this site