Welcome to my my site. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. 

I am all about one thing – Helping you to get more website traffic, more clients, more customers, sell more of your products and services and bottom line, make more money. I am not interested in helping you get more followers, more likes, more retweets, more shares as frankly these are all pretty much worthless. They’re vanity metrics. What you want as a small business owner is sanity metrics.

I am not everyones cup of tea. I am an acquired taste. I tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. I’m middle aged and been round the block a few times. I have little time to waste so I just tell you how it is. I don’t flower things up, and everything is not Disney Land or a fantasy world.

You need to hear the hard facts, the real information that will get your business where it needs to be. You need someone who is not afraid to pull their punches and tell you how to improve things. My forte is Twitter. Trusted by the BBC, Sky News, The Media, Journalists, Brands & Businesses for 9+ Yrs as a leading authority on Twitter. I am also an author, small business adviser, speaker & Trainer. I have done over 200 interviews on both the radio & TV as an authority on Twitter & have been regularly quoted in local and national media with my social media views and best practice ideas.

I have also over the years built up an extensive professional network of trusted people who I regularly refer my clients to. So, whatever you are looking for to help your small business, either I can help you or chances are I can introduce you to someone that can.

Over the years I have also been an award winning salesman in both estate agency and medical sales, have been a mortgage broker, had my own networking business, been the head technician at the London Heart Clinic and spent a long period of time in Chicago at a Cardiac Rehab Centre. I particularly love sales, negotiation, speaking, training, advising, networking  and troubleshooting for small businesses.

Outside of work, I enjoy travelling, sport, going to the gym, films, going for walks, lattes, anything that can be classed as a stodgy desert and in 1995 I entered for Gladiators but sadly after completing the run, chinups and monkey swing could only manage 1 accent of the rope.