1 Twitter feature that is perfect for businesses.

Over the last few months, Twitter has been evolving. It has changed the amount of characters in your Twitter display name to 50 characters and changed the number of characters in a tweet from 140 to 280.These are minor changes and I doubt that either of them will result in you getting more busineses leads or opportunities.

In fact I would say that for most businesses these changes have been more of a distraction. People have been changing their Twitter display names and tweeting 280 character tweets non stop. Its a new shiny feature and I am sure in a few weeks or so, normal service will be resumed.

There is however 1 Twitter feature that is always overlooked. This is the most important feature that Twitter can offer small and large businesses. Its free and its been available since virtually day 1 of Twitter. That is the ability to listen. The ability to listen via Twitter’s own search engine and to discover targeted, relevant and timely tweets that offer business leads and opportunities.

The goldmine of Twitter is the ability to search for real people talking about real things right now and in real time.

This is the most important use of Twitter. I simply dont understand businesses who use Twitter to simply broadcast their content. That is such a waste of time. Few people have the time or inclination to read / listen / watch / check out yet another piece of duplicated meaningless content. People are generally overwhelmed with social media.

But, when it comes to sharing all sorts of information, complaining, asking for help, wanting ideas, support, suggestions Twitter is the very best. Twitter is the go to place when complaining or praising a business. That’s where your opportunity is. To listen and to listen more. To set up searches on your town, city, business name, competitors names and keywords and then to reply, help, support, engage and to refer others in your town.

I have said it a million times. Customer care particularly in the UK is at an all time low. Most businesses operate on what is the minimum ws can get away with approach. That’s why often just a simple reply can do wonders. Few expect that you’re listening, few expect any response, few expect any help or support, so when they do get it, their reaction is way greater than you would expect. They often then can become unpaid advcocates and ambassadors simply because you were so helpful and did something so few other businesses do.

Stop utilizing Twitter in terms of content distribution. Instead focus all your efforts on better listening and then replying to those folk. The key is to help and support them rather than sell to them. No one wants to be sold to and to Treat Twitter like a communication channel rather than a broadcast station.