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Twitter has changed. Find out what that means for your business

Twitter and social media has dramatically changed. I have continually spoken and warned people that the approach of simply pushing out vast volumes of content is not going to to work any longer. For a variety of reasons engagement, replies, retweets, likes, shares on Facebook and genuine comments are at an all time low and will only continue to decrease.

People are simply overwhelmed with content. They have no time to look at it, share it, comment on it and engage with it like they used to and in my opinion things will only get worse.

If you’re strategy is simply content, more content and even more content, you’re gonna lose, your gonna see a decline in website traffic, and other meaningful metrics.

But folks there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the odd thing is that it has always been there. Think about this. There are still circa 500 million tweets per day. There are still people on Twitter sharing their issues, concerns, problems and asking for help, support and recommendations.

Instead of pushing out non stop content and effectively shouting into a big room where sadly no one is listening as everyone is doing the same, you need to improve your way of thinking, improve how you use Twitter, improve how you go about finding real business and opportunities on Twitter.

The answer is to focus on the search. I have been saying this for the last 9 years.

The greatest asset Twitter has for everyone is that you can search Twitter to find what you need, what you want, what adds value to you and what helps your business.

Stop blaming Twitter for being useless and of no value to you or your business. That is simply not true.. The business is passing you by every single day. It never stops, and the best bit is that all these leads and opportunities are free. You just need to learn how to listen and how to set up your search commands to find what you want.


Do you have the patience to succeed with social media

You’ve identified which social media platform you want to be on. You have the content to push out via that channel. Your staff are fully trained on how to maximise their time on social media. But, there is still a vital question you need to ask yourself.

Do you have the patience needed to succeed with social media?

Far too many businesses think that social media is a quick fix. Turn up, post a few things for a few weeks and jackpot the business leads and opportunities will be flooding in. If you think that then sorry but you are living in a fantasy world.

Far too many businesses then blame the social media platforms for being rubbish, don’t work, not for business, not for their type of business and a host of other excuses. The fact of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with any of the social media platforms. If they are not working for you, chances are its 100% your fault and you need to take full responsibility for that.

The reason is simple. You need patience. You need a ton of patience. You need to keep doing your thing for months and months before those leads and opportunities are flooding your way and that is what usually separates those that are successful with social media and those that are not.

Martin Bamford @martinbamford has a podcast. Recently Martin posted this tweet. It sums up perfectly what I am constantly telling businesses.

And that folks is my point. Do you have the patience to succeed? Do you have the determination and desire to carry on for months with little or no return for your efforts? Do you have the commitment to keep on trucking when people are ignoring you, not listening or reading your content? Most of you will give up. Most of you will stop your social media activities after a few months as you wont see much of anything happening.

Some of you will keep going for months with commitment and dedication and still nothing is happening. That may well be for other reasons which I will address in another article. 

Social media combined with other marketing activities will work, will be valuable for your business and will deliver you business leads and opportunities. But before you embark and waste your money ask yourself do you have the patience to succeed as without that, you don’t stand a chance. 

Brands this is what can happen on Twitter when you get it spot on

Every now and then a brand gets it spot on. In this case it is @wendys On the 6th April a student called Carter Wilkerson aka @carterjwm sent this tweet to Wendys.

Since then, he has had over 2.6 Million retweets. He has just moved into the number 2 spot on the all time retweeted list. The top retweeted tweet is:

This has to be marketing goldust for Wendys. Think about it. Currently 2.6 Million retweets and counting. Everyone writing about it, journalists commenting on it, its newsworthy and they are right in the middle of it. Carter has had loads of famous people and other CEO’s message him. John Legere The CEO of T Mobile tweeted him:

What Can Other businesses and Brands learn from this?
Wendys get Twitter, they understand their brand and understand their audience. Their tone and style on Twitter is totally congruent with their brand. People get exactly what they would expect from them. And yes, its totally ok to have some fun, have some banter, talk to people, have fun and be social with people. Wendys get that and occasionally this happens. Marketing jackpot. 

Sadly, most businesses and brands are too busy broadcasting meaningless and boring content. They totally miss the huge opportunity out there. People are talking to you and about you. You can find them and listen and then reply to them. Stop talking and tweeting like a corporate. Add humour, add personality and above all be social just make sure it is all in line with your overall brand.