How to avoid getting hacked on Twitter.

Eveyday I hear about people who are getting hacked on Twitter. For most this is because their password was so predictable and weak. Its not the work of some deep dark underground organisation. Here are 3 things you must all do to stay safe on Twitter fom the hackers.

    1. Your password needs to be at least. Upper case letters, low case letters, numbers and symbols. Yes, I know that means its long and you may not be able to remember it,  but thats what it needs to be.
    2. You then need to go to Twitter and go to your settings and then account You need to action two things.
    3. Verify log in requests. This means that when you are trying to access your account, it will send a 6 digit code to the mobile phone number associated with your account or you can set up a code generator app on your phone.
    4. Set up Require personal information to reset my password. Again, Twitter will send you a code before it allows you to reset your password.

Between those 3 things, bolstering your password, verify log in and password reset you’re good to go. That’s about as secure as you can possibly be on Twitter. One word of caution. If you have staff then make sure you know the password and its your phone used by Twitter to verify things. If that member of staff decides to not show up next Monday and they’re the only ones that have all that information, you’re gonna be in serious trouble.

These few steps will literally take you 2-3 mins to do. Don’t wait until its too late. Take action and secure your account today.