Mark Shaw

Author, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster & Trainer

Twitter has changed. Find out what that means for your business

Twitter and social media has dramatically changed. I have continually spoken and warned people that the approach of simply pushing out vast volumes of content is not going to to work any longer. For a variety of reasons engagement, replies, retweets, likes, shares on Facebook and genuine comments are at an all time low and will only continue to decrease.

People are simply overwhelmed with content. They have no time to look at it, share it, comment on it and engage with it like they used to and in my opinion things will only get worse.

If you’re strategy is simply content, more content and even more content, you’re gonna lose, your gonna see a decline in website traffic, and other meaningful metrics.

But folks there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the odd thing is that it has always been there. Think about this. There are still circa 500 million tweets per day. There are still people on Twitter sharing their issues, concerns, problems and asking for help, support and recommendations.

Instead of pushing out non stop content and effectively shouting into a big room where sadly no one is listening as everyone is doing the same, you need to improve your way of thinking, improve how you use Twitter, improve how you go about finding real business and opportunities on Twitter.

The answer is to focus on the search. I have been saying this for the last 9 years.

The greatest asset Twitter has for everyone is that you can search Twitter to find what you need, what you want, what adds value to you and what helps your business.

Stop blaming Twitter for being useless and of no value to you or your business. That is simply not true.. The business is passing you by every single day. It never stops, and the best bit is that all these leads and opportunities are free. You just need to learn how to listen and how to set up your search commands to find what you want.