Why giving your advice for free will leave you skint.

Lots of people talk about giving their best business advice and best tips away for free and to a certain extent I agree with them. I think that to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge is critical and what better way than to give away your best advice and tips. However where most people get it wrong is that they dont then have a strategy for when they are going to charge. They just keep moving people from one free place to another free place and thus end up skint.

The first thing to consider is who are you giving free advice and tips to? My own advice on this is simple. I have a golden rule. 1-2-many is Free.. 1-2-1 is always on the meter. I write articles on my blog, Linkedin and I use Twitter. These are all giving away my best smal business and Twitter advice for free but to 1-2-many. As soon as someone contacts me and wants a 1-2-1 then I direct them to my Contact Page I have a plan or a strategy. Give away my best advice which demonstates my expertise and knowledge and for those that want personal help, thats where I charge them.

For you 1-2-many may mean your Youtube channel, Podcast, newsletter, anything that you can scale. You do the work once and everyone can see it, read it or listen to it. The key though is to give away your very best advice and information. When a chef goes on a cooking show, they don’t say they’re making scrambled egg on toast, they say they are making a signature dish or a complicated dish. They want to show off their culinery skills. Same with you, you need to show offf your knowledge, advice and tips as being fantastic and really helping your target audience.

Free gives you a chance to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge and to get people to know like and trust you. But you must have a plan in place, a strategy for when you’re going to charge people. That’s the key. Free can be a great plan but it needs to be targeted to your audience and needs to be thought through as to the cut off point for when you will start charging.

Elevator speeches are so 1975 – Here’s a much better approach

Elevator speeches are the things you learn with the idea that should you get into a lift with a famous business superstar CEO and only have 30 secs – 1 min in that lift with them you can quickly and succinctly tell them about your business and hopefully get a lead or opportunity from them. This concept is so 1975. Its ridicolous. Its never gonna happen. 

Whilst it is important that you should be able to quickly get your business message across. I always say that your grandma should be able to simply get it and get it fast. You need to think of another way. The reason is that the elevator speech is all about you.  You’re the best at this, the best at that, we are amazing at this or that. Frankly no one cares as that is what everyone else is saying. What they are intereted in is how you can help them.

What every small business owner is interested in is how you can get them more clients, more customer and make more money. Instead of the elevator type speech, you need instead to think of an attention type grabbing speech. These need to be short, targeted, specific and results based. What is unique about you? and there really is only 1 thing.. That is the results you get for your clients and customers. You’re speech might look something like this.

Hiya Dave, we helped this sort of company which was in the same sort of industry as you get a 35% increase in sales and I think they’re in a similar situation to you.. Any chance we can have a chat / meet?

Think about how you can change your 60 secs chat to be far more targeted, relevent and specfic to your target audience or person you are talking to. The key is to make it relevent to their business, their industry and to give real results based info. That’s what would get their attention.

Automation has killed social media

If you’re posting content via automation that ain’t social media.

If you want to have a presence without actually being present that ain’t social media.

If you’re using tools to automate following / unfollowing others. That ain’t social media.

Automated Bots. Ain’t social media.

Automation has added tons & tons of duplicated, valueless, unoriginal, images, quotes, links and articles

People are so obsessed with adding content 24/7 that they’ve killed social media. It’s battle of the eyeballs & most have no chance. You’re competing against every single person & most are automating.

Eventually social media will be dead & we only have ourselves to blame. Automation killed it.