Automation has killed social media

If you’re posting content via automation that ain’t social media.

If you want to have a presence without actually being present that ain’t social media.

If you’re using tools to automate following / unfollowing others. That ain’t social media.

Automated Bots. Ain’t social media.

Automation has added tons & tons of duplicated, valueless, unoriginal, images, quotes, links and articles

People are so obsessed with adding content 24/7 that they’ve killed social media. It’s battle of the eyeballs & most have no chance. You’re competing against every single person & most are automating.

Eventually social media will be dead & we only have ourselves to blame. Automation killed it.

Crap social media advice: Be on Every social media platform.

I hear it all the time. So called social media experts advising small business owners that they need to have a presence on every single social media platform as you have to be where your audience is. In a fantasy world this is true. In a world where all small business owners have unlimited resources, personnel, writers, editors, videoographers, graphic designers, content writers and so on then yes.. Be everywhere, add unique relevent fresh, valuable targeted content on every single social media platform.

Everyone wants to have a presence without actually being present, this approach simply does not work.

Now get back into the real world. As a small business owner you need to spend all your day and nights running your business. Yes, social media has a part to play, yes, it can form part of your overal marketing objectives but you simply cannot be everywhere. What most folks do is simply duplicate all their content & blast that out everywhere. That will produce very little. Each platform is different, each audience is different, each piece of content needs to be aimed at the audience on that specific platform. To do it properly and effectively is just not practical or feasable for most small businesses.

What is a far better approach is to understand your target audience and where they’re most likely to hang out and then with the resources you have available, own that platform, dominate it, add highly valuable, relevent, targeted content that helps and supports those potential customers and to engage with them by addinng comments and replies.

When it comes to social media, You’re the difference..

  • Loads of small businesses do exactly what you do
  • Loads of people are pushing out exactly the same sort of content
  • Loads of people are simply adding more noise into a very noisy room
  • Loads of people are copying & duplicating what everyone else is doing
  • Loads of people believe this approach is a winning formula..Its not.

Social Media allows you to tell us who you are AND not just what you do.

So many small business owners squander this opportunity. Everyday on social media you’re not telling us anything about you. No one on this planet is You.. No one has your story, your vision, your passion, your views, your way of doing things and your voice. The difference is You. 

People will buy into you, come to you, people will want to hire you because of the difference you can make. You having an opinion on your area of expertise will make a difference. So many people on social media have zero opinion on anything. Everyone copies everyone. What might have worked a few years ago, wont necessarily work today as everyone copies each other.

Your content is lost in the sea of sameness. That’s why its crucial to be You. Share more of You. Stop adding more noise and start adding value. Start differentiating yourself from everyone else in what you write, say and do. Share more about you and your story. Share behind the scenes, share your views, thoughts and ideas but above all Just be You.