How to find & steal someone else’s Twitter List – Twitter hack

Twitter lists are great. Most people dont use them which is a shame and without doubt Twitter need to do a massive ovehaul with their userbility. One of the biggest issues is that you cant search on Twitter for Twitter lists that you may be interested in. Yes, you can dig into other peoples Twitter accounts and see lists they may have set up or be a memeber of, but what you really want is to find targeted lists. For that you will need to use Google.

Try This –>> inurl:lists accountants 

Or This –>> inurl:lists solicitors

Or Even This –>> inurl:lists accountants OR solicitors

The results you get back from Google will be lists on Twitter that others have set up. How cool is that? Now.. You want to go a step further and steal that list and have it as though you set up that list. The benefit is that as everyone is added to your copy, they will get a notification that You have added them to a list.. You get lots of exposure. 

To steal someone elses Twitter list you will need to go here:

Very Kindly, Noah as created the copy other people’s Twitter list bit of software. I have tried it as a test a few times on my test account and can confirm that it does work. You will need to follow a few steps. 1. Create a list, give it a name 2. Then simply use this software to copy that list to your list. In a few minutes it adds all the Twitter usernames to your list. 3. You may well get new followers & exposure as people discover you have added them to a twitter list. 4. Name the list something exciting that catches their attention, as people love to have their ego stroked.

Just to be clear.. You are 100% stealing someone elses Twitter list. They created it, they put effort and time into adding all those Twitter usernames to it. I am not here to judge anyone, but just to give you Twitter info and ideas on what you can do. Its 100% up to you if you decide to do it. But at least you now know how you can. Also. I have no idea how long Noah’s project will still be working.