How to get 300 Million Twitter users to see your Business

Most people using Twitter understand that there is a trending section to Twitter. Twitter will show you what the big topics or trends that lots of people have started tweeting about. Here is a photo of what is currently trending on Twitter in the UK. You can change this to be the globe or more specifically to where you are located.

But, what most people dont realise is that if you understand how the Twitter trend works then with some planning its possible to make any hashtags or words trend on Twitter.

This is a PR play. This is perfect for any business that wants to create brand awareness for themselves or a product or service that they offer. Perhaps they’re launching a new product or service, perhaps they’re a start up and want the visibility. 

Trending on Twitter is visible everywhere..on all platforms, mobile and desktop and can be seen by everyone. It also gets picked up by journalists, those in the media, tv and radio stations, and millions of others who may be interested to learn more about your product or service.

To trend on Twitter you need two components. Volume of Tweets AND velocity of Tweets. Many people often wonder why with a big volume of tweets they were not trending, the answer is that they were spread out over a long period of time. Twitter is all about real time and right now.

It wants to deliver to us what is trending right now. What has suddenly started to happen that we all need to know about. So, velocity is the other vital component. Speed that the tweets are going into the system. That tells Twitter that something is happening and it starts to show up everywhere as a trend.

Twitter also gives you an indication of how many tweets have started to use that hashtag or word. You can see from my photo that around 2000 tweets gets you trending in the UK, subject to what else is trending at that moment. If the other trends are all much higher then you will need more than them. For the globe you will need considerably more tweets.

For sure this needs planning, this needs manpower and this needs everyone involved with a clear understanding of what they are doing. But, if you can get it right, then the PR opportunities are massive. 300 million global Twitter users seeing your hashtag or words. How much in PR would that be worth to you and your business?