How can I help you? I guess you’ve been listening to Your Small Business Podcast and might be thinking, I’d like to Hire Mark to help our small business. That’s fantastic. The first step is to contact me, lets chat, lets make sure I am a good fit for what you are after and if not maybe I know someone that is.

Some of the things that I have helped with in the past include:

  • Brainstorming small business ideas
  • Business advice on the best way forward and how to avoid a business car crash
  • Making sure you are gaining real benefit from your social media efforts.
  • Small Businesses that are struggling with a lack of new clients or customers
  • Small Businesses getting the wrong type of clients or customers.
  • Small Businesses struggling to negotiate.
  • Podcasting with a shoestring budget and achieving great results
  • Social media strategies, employee policies and pretty much anything to do with Twitter.
  • Keynote speaker at your next event
  • Training your staff to be more effective with social media.

It all starts with you contacting me.

Contact me via my Contact form and lets see How I can help you..