Hi, I’m Mark Shaw – Key Skills: Speaking, Podcasting, Training, Negotiation, Sales, Networking & Social Media

I’m an author, Keynote speaker, trainer and podcaster. For over 9+ years, I have been one of the UK’s leading Twitter experts, I have been a go to guy for the BBC, Sky News and many other radio stations and media outlets. I’ve been invited to speak at many conferences where I love to share my experiences and insights with audiences from all manner of backgrounds. I have done well over 200 radio + TV interviews as a Twitter expert. I have given hundreds of quotes and helped many journalists with their articles in respect of Twitter best practices. I have trained thousands to be more effective with their use of Twitter and social media in general.

The Early Days

I was born in March 1966. I always found studying and academics challenging. having tried to be a Chartered Surveyor and failing miserably at the studying, I found Estate Agency. I loved the skill of negotiation, keeping deals together, and was incredibly good at it. I often won monthly and yearly top salesmen awards. 

In 1990, the market fell apart. I then found myself firstly at the YMCA studying to be a gym instructor, then at City University completing a Diploma in Health and Fitness. After a period of personal training and then working in gyms I decided that I wanted to get more involved in the medical side of things. I went off to the London Heart Clinic where after 3-4 years became the head technician.

In 1995 I managed to get an internship at the Swedish Covenant Hospital Cardiac Rehab Centre to learn from the very best on all aspects of Cardiac Rehab. Coming back to the UK enthused and fully charged, I was massively disappointed to discover that Cardiac Rehab in the UK was but a distant dream.

Having had a sales and a medical background, I found myself working for some of the worlds largest medical companies selling medical products into the NHS and Private sector. I won the yearly Business award for outstanding business growth having secured 4 of the largest contracts the company had ever won. 

The NHS ran out of money to buy medical products so I then found myself retraining again, this time as a mortgage broker. I loved it and was very good at it. As the world suffered the financial collapse in 2008 this saw the end to the mortgage industry and my career. In fact 2008 was a bad year for me as I personally went through bankruptcy and lost everything.

But 2008 was also a great year for me, as it was the year I discovered Twitter. Like most people I could not understand why anyone would want to know why I was having a cheese sandwich. Unlike most, I spent a year trying to figure that out and more importantly how was it of any benefit for business.

My big break came at the end of that year when Chris Evans off the radio called me to appear on his show talking Twitter. After that show, the rest is history. 200+ radio interviews, hundreds of keynote talks, regularly quoted in local and national media.

So.. What Now?

Twitter has been my life for the last 9+ years.. I still love it but boy has social media changed. Its totally different to when I started on it 9+ years ago. I still have a huge amount of knowledge that I want to share with you all. I want to help you earn more money. I have decided to launch the Your Small Business Podcast. The Podcast is aimed at Small Businesses.  Each Business Show is hard hitting, has no waffle and packs hell of a punch.