Here are the three secrets to small business success..

I see and read a lot about small business owners attending courses, webinars and spending thousands and thousands of dollars each year to learn the secrets to small business success..I’m here to tell you that there are no secrets to small business success but there are three things that if you do them, your chances of success will be great.

Niche Audience
You really must identify who your target audience is. I hear a lot of small business owners tell me that they know who their audience is but most of the time after I have asked a few more detailed questions, it becomes apparent that they sort of know, sort of think who their ideal clients and customers are. The more detailed and specific you can be with this the better. All your marketing and strategies start with fully understanding who your target audience are.

Consistent Approach
Next up is delivering targeted, unique, relevent content to help that defined audience in a consistent approach. This means regular posting, or a regular newsletter, podcast, video, images on Instagram. It really does not matter which platform you choose.. The key is to using it on a consistent approach. This can be tough. Its hard to motivate yourself when its 2-3 people reading or looking at your things. But thats the point. Thats when most quit. Thats when the succesful people carry on and carry on and carry on.

Finally, longevity must be on your mind. You must be thinking that whatever you do wil take time and lots of time. Social media is a very long burn. Networking is a very long burn. Both are worth it, but both will take years of effort, energy, time and resources. Thats why most give up after a few months claiming its not for them. Claiming social media or networking does not work for their type of business.. It works for everyone but only those who are prepared to put in the time and effort over a very long period.