Its time to get back to small business basics..

I’m starting to believe more and more that things are giong back full circle. Yes, social media has a place in your small business overal marketing mix, but going back to basics and heading to that local networking group, I think is the future. The fact it that you simply cant beat face to face meetings and networking.

Social media is a fantasy world. Real people buy from real people in the real world.

Yes you can do a high five and do a virtual hand shake on social media and yes you can find people and get to know them but most people want to meet you in the flesh, see you, speak to you, get to know like and trust you and whilst video or audio is a good start, you simply cant beat face to face meetings. World leaders have access to all the worlds greatest IT software and can arrange calls, meetings with other foreign leaders but they all want to meet each other, shake hands with each other and sit round a real table with each other. You simply cant beat face to face meetings.

It takes time to get to know like and trust others. That’s why for most social media offers them very little. They don’t invest in the time, effort and energy they need with a consistent approach so they end up leaving. Indeed networking will offer you little if you have the same approach. The small business owners who really benefit are those that do show up on a regular basis, with the right mindset and think long term.

Too many people in my view use social media as a way to make them feel good about things and to make them feel like they are growing their businesses. This is simply not true. Its made them lazy, its all too easy to be busy busy busy with all sorts of social media nonense, whilst all the while real business opportunities are passing them by.

Few take much notice of you on social media as there is simply too much content on there.. That’s why small business owners need to re think their business plans and one of those plans needs to be going networking. What you need is a small group of people that over time you get to know like and trust and then who refer, collaborate and advocate for each other. That’s easily doable via networking. 

Remember also that local people to you are usually far more likely to buy form you and refer you than people you meet thousands of miles away online. Yes, there is a place for social media when done correctly but most businesses are woeful with their efforts. Its time to re evaluate your ideas and really think about heading to that local networking group.