Twitter for hotels

If I was opening a hotel or had a hotel, this is exactly how I would utilise Twitter to get more paying customers. Most hotels on Twitter are utilising it really badly. They push out non stop content in the belief that it will get found, read and then by magic all those people will start booking their rooms. This is a load of nonsense. 

What you are after is creating an army of advocates. An army of people that talk about you, tweet about you, share photos about you and refer and recommend you to others. You saying how great you are is ok and expected. Strangers who are not geting any benefit telling others how awesome you are is way way more powerful.

The key to Twitter is to listen and then to listen even more. The magic will start to happen once you change your mindset. Here is exactly what I would be doing.

Create search results for your hotel name & competitors names.
Create search results for your town & city.
Find other local businesses complimentary to ours & make contact.
Look for opportunities to refer other local businesses, become a sort of concierge service for that town.
Find local chamber of commerce, other local networking groups and invite them to have a look.
Free WIFI and encourage locals to come in for drinks / coffee / lunch / hot desking.
Spend time meeting other local businesses who you can refer to others.
Promptly replyng to anyone tweeting about you OR to you. Offering help, advice, support & resolving their issues.
Creating as many wow momemts for your customers as possible. Most cost virtually nothing.
Following your guests on Twitter by creating a list & then engaging with them when appropriate.
It goes without saying that offering awesome customer care & service is a must to get word of mouth referrals.
Twitter is not about selling.. Don’t do that.. share whats happening in your town or city.
Tie in hotel promotions with other local events. Special offers perhaps.
Utilise Twitter video 140 secs to show off rooms, staff, events and the venue.
Take part in a local Twitter chat if there is one. Again not to sell but brand awareness
Tweet with the locals in a manner representative of your brand.
Utilise Twitter moments to create a story around an event or your business.
Retweet other local businesses to help & support them.
Connect with the local sports clubs.

This pretty much covers what I would be doing or advising any hotels to be doing as far as Twitter is concerned to get more paying customers.